Perumahan Citra Garden City 5 Blok H3 - Jakarta Barat - 11830
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Welcome to SCK Jakarta

Welcome to Citra Kasih School - Jakarta, a School with ACLLE (Academic, Character, Life Skill, Language and Entrepreuneurship) Philosophy. Indeed, we are not a perfect community. However, we will always strive hard to live up to this philosophy. Our uniqueness -as well as our commitment- to equip and train every student to become an innovative, creative, effective and entrepreunerial person would hopefully make us grow, and at the same time become a blessing to as many as people around us. Our journey ahead is certainly not problem-free. Nevertheless, as we are teaching and shaping our students mind with all positive and innovative learning, we believe that will be able to overcome all the problems, and then discover greater depth in our capabilities and service to you, our new student and parent. Lets’s enjoy our togetherness and prepare our hearts to face better future for children. God bless us.



  • We want to say thank you so much for being good role models for our children.  Thank you for your dedication, your attention, your love. We are so glad and proud to be a part of SCK. We support SCK to be better in the future. God bless you always

    - Vincencius Kennenth Raphael’s parents - grade 6, 2016

  • Saya direkomendasikan tetangga saya untuk mendaftar di SCK.  Selain dekat dari rumah, tipe anak saya sama dengan anak tetangga.  Tipe anak saya adalah anak yang susah fokus (Fokus pendek tetapi daya serap bagus), tidak bisa diam kaki, tangan dan mulut. Sering bikin cerita yang lucu-lucu di kelas, suka tertawa, suka bercanda

    - Davyn’s parents – Grade 6, 2016

  • Suatu berkat yang tak terkira, Tuhan menganugerahi kami 3 anak laki-laki yang luar biasa, dan tanggung jawab kami adalah memilihkan pendidikan yang baik dan menciptakan lingkungan yang baik untuk mereka bertumbuh, dan Sekolah Citra Kasih membantu kami mewujudkan itu semua. Mereka berumbuh dalam lingkungan yang penuh cinta kas

    - Ibu Anna - Orang tua Nolan – Grade 6, 2016

  • I want to let you know how much I appreciate all the things you do for my son, Nicholas Fynn.  I am grateful to have you all in his life and his study. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

    - Yenny - Nicholas Fynn’s mother – Grade 6, 2016

  • Domenico has been growing and turned from too talkative boy into a person who is able to control himself. SCK has managed to challenge Dome by letting him participate in some events of competition that really improve his confident. To the last day of his present in SD SCK, we felt grateful that we had made the right decisi

    - Frans & Julia – Domenico’s parents – Grade 6D, 2016